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Hi Fun - November 2017

John Kelly, G3YGG

After the good conditions last month, November was a little disappointing, although there were some good openings from time to time. It is always worth looking at a propagation site and whilst one cannot expect much improvement in the SFI index which is hovering at its lowest point around 68/70, if the K index is at 0 or 1 then it should be possible to find an opening in the middle of the day on 17 metres and maybe on 15.

In this way, and in using the Cluster, I had one or two exciting moments:

  • On 17 metres I worked 9U4 (Burundi) on SSB and 9Q6 (Congo) on CW
  • On 20 metres between 1700 UTC and 1800 UTC I worked the west coast of USA and Canada on a couple of occasions

I worked my Cyprus friends when they were out portable (every Tuesday morning 0800-1000 UTC). They can be found around 14244 or 18144 KHz and with their verticals near the sea do very well.

Ever since I was licenced in 1969 I have kept a manual record of countries I have heard and worked, SSB or CW, although I have never applied for certificates or awards. I have never chased new ones. I have merely allowed them to be "accumulated" as the years have passed. So I still get occasional pleasure from having a contact and making an entry, although if it seems to be a new one, I often think that I must have worked that entity before and just omitted to keep a proper statistic. One such was a GM on 80 metres CW last month! Surely I had worked one before, in the preceding 48 years?

73's John.