Dorking & District Radio Society

Hi Fun - October 2017

John Kelly, G3YGG

Ever since October 1951 when, as schoolboy, I was able to hear the world on ten metres with a one valve homemade super regenerative receiver, this month has held a special place in my Ham Radio expectations. And true to form, despite the low sun spot count, this year again came up trumps, albeit that my equipment has moved on in the intervening 66 years.

After the poor conditions we have endured on the HF bands in recent days it was such a pleasure to find 10, 15 and 20 metres open and carrying DX from all directions.

In the VK/ZL contest at the beginning of the month I worked both countries on 20, and ZL also on 40 and 80 metres SSB with 400 watts.

The RSGB Contest too found 10 metres open, particularly to South America, with 15 metres carrying the bulk of QSOs world wide.

Not that I was taking participation in either contest seriously, but these occasions always provide a good opportunity to find new countries. And when I reduce the output power to 5 watts and give a call which gets a reply I always regard that as a sign of good operating and a good test of my antennas under contest conditions.

73's John.