Dorking & District Radio Society

The Society is run according to its constitution and handles its members' personal information in accordance with its General Data Protection Statement. It follows the RSGB child protection policy.

The Society is led by its committee. Callsign links open their page.

You can reach any of the above by emailing


Visitors to in-person meetings are asked to register their details. If you wish to come to more than a couple of introductory meetings, we ask that you join as a member to support our costs. The current annual membership subscription rates are £25 for adults and £15 for students, and covers the current financial year which starts on 1st November. Payment should be made by 31st March. Please see the Apply to Join page.

Privacy Policy

If you join the club or register as a visitor, the information you provide will be entered into a database managed by the Committee and held on the MemberMojo platform. It will not be passed onto any other organisation, and will be used solely for DDRS purposes, including:

Rules for loan of Club Equipment

  1. If and when a member borrows Club equipment, they undertake to hold it safely and to treat it with care at all times.
  2. The member agrees to be liable for any Club item lost or damaged whilst in their possession.
  3. The member agrees to advise the Secretary as soon as they borrow an item of Club equipment and to inform him once they return it or pass it on to another member.