Dorking & District Radio Society

Meetings Planned for 2021

This page will contain the latest details of our programme of meetings.

Tuesday 26th January Dr Liz Bruton Mr Marconi and his Marvellous Invention
Tuesday 23rd February Philip Miller Tate, M1GWZ Propagation Prediction using the Chilton Ionosonde
Tuesday 23rd March Tim Brown, M0TFR; and Ben Allen, M0BZE Orbital to Linear Angular Momentum
Tuesday 27th April David Wilde, M0WID Spectrum Analyser Project
Tuesday 25th May Denis Noe, M0NDJ Direction Finding - Headley Heath
Tuesday 22nd June   Operating Evening - Ranmore Common
Tuesday 27th July   Summer Social
Tuesday 24th August   Operating Evening - Devil's Dyke
Tuesday 28th September TBA  
Tuesday 26th October TBA  
Tuesday 23rd November   Annual General Meeting
December (date TBA)   Christmas Dinner

Unless specified, evening meetings are being help for the moment via the Zoom application, as physical meetings are no longer legal due to Coronavirus restrictions. Please contact us if you would like to participate, as we don't publish joining details on this website for security reasons. When we are able to meet in person again, they will be held at the Friends Meeting House, Butter Hill (off South Street), Dorking, on the fourth Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:45 pm.