Dorking & District Radio Society

Meetings Planned for 2018

Tuesday 23rd January David Smith M0SXD & Paul Ives G3NIW Practical Evening - Ham radio yesterday discovered today
Tuesday 27th February   Cancelled due to snow
Tuesday 27th March Bob Burns G3OOU One route through product design
Tuesday 24th April Nick Henwood G3RWF RSGB President: The future of amateur radio
Tuesday 22nd May Nik Read M5DND Meteor scatter
Tuesday 26th June Tom Ellinor G4DFA Making Antenna Traps
Tuesday 3rd July   VHF activity at Polesden Lacey
Tuesday 24th July   South Downs evening
Friday 17th August, 6:30 for 7pm John Kelly G3YGG Summer Social
Saturday 8th September   Heritage Radio Exhibition and Station
Tuesday 25th September Prof. Mike Underhill G3LHZ Small transmitting loops
Saturday 20th October M0ESG JOTA at 7th Epsom Scout HQ
Tuesday 23rd October Open Forum Antenna Hints & Questions
Tuesday 27th November   AGM & RSGB video
Friday 7th December   Christmas Dinner

Unless specified, evening meetings are held at the Friends Meeting House, Butter Hill (off South Street), Dorking, on the fourth Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:45 pm.