Dorking & District Radio Society

Amateur Radio Training

Amateur Radio operators are licensed by OFCOM, which authorises transmission within the authorised amateur bands within the overall radio spectrum. As such, it is both an international communications hobby and a technical and practical skill, all of which can give a sense of achievement and belonging.

Alongside other local RSGB-affiliated clubs and societies, we offer training to club members for the Radio Amateur Licence examinations at Foundation and Intermediate Levels, and also organise activities to count towards the practical aspects necessary to qualify for a licence.

Our trainers have many years of combined experience between them. One is currently a research engineer for the BBC and another has extensive experience in training and examinations, with an unbroken success record. We also have an ex-teacher joining the training team.

Applicants for the course are asked to join the club, which gives full access to all club meetings and activities, together with the right to borrow club equipment. There is no additional fee for a Foundation Course other than the cost of the examination which is set by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) which must be paid directly to the Society. There is a small charge for the Intermediate Course and again the RSGB fee which must be paid directly.

Course books are available from the RSGB.

Please see the Contact Us page for how to progress in this fascinating hobby. We look forward to meeting you.