Dorking & District Radio Society

Spectrum Analyser Project - 27th April

David Wilde, M0WID

This talk will be about a homebrew simple spectrum analyser project, based on an idea by Erik PD0EK. The analyser is based on an ESP32 microprocessor with local LCD touch display. It is also possible to view and control via a web browser. The device has a range of 1-350MHz and minimum RBW of 2.8kHz. It can also function as a signal generator.

David describes himself an "amateur dabbler". He became interested in amateur radio in 2011 when his son (aged 9) saw someone operating portable on a campsite they were staying at and started asking the poor operator loads of questions. He decided he wanted to become an amateur, so they investigated and found that the Crawley Club were doing training courses. The Crawley Club suggested that someone else also went through the training to keep an eye on him and know what should and should not be done, and so David got hooked. They both passed their foundation exams in Dec 2011.

David enjoys building and making things, and getting them working, but has no real training or expertise so it is a trial and too many errors process!

This will be a virtual club event, held using the "Zoom" application. Members should receive an email, with the details of when and how to join the meeting.