Dorking & District Radio Society

Amateur Radio at Millimetre Wave Frequencies
27 October 2020

Chris Whitmarsh, G0FDZ

Chris Whitmarsh

Have you ever looked at the schedule in your licence and looking at the highest frequency bands said to yourself "Who on earth uses these bands?" Well the answer is that a small but dedicated group of microwave enthusiasts do, and they have working equipment on all the bands which they build and make contacts over long distance using very low power.

Chris will cover all basic microwave aspects of the millimetre bands including users, propagation, antennas and feeders and then basic equipment for each band to 241 GHz and beyond, and finish with mentioning the use of SDR for identifying weak signals etc. There should be something in this talk for everyone from beginner to expert! However, there is no heavy maths or theory to blow your mind.

This will be a virtual club event, held using the "Zoom" application. Members should have received an email, with the details of when and how to join the meeting.