Dorking & District Radio Society

Antenna Hints & Questions - 23rd October 2018

Open Forum

For the October meeting, we have decided to use this opportunity to invite members and visitors to offer a few of their own hints or to ask questions about antennas covering aspects such as:

  1. The types of antenna in use, for example, home-made or purchased and the frequency bands covered;
  2. The method of support, for example, free standing mast or attached to the house;
  3. Other important considerations, such as height, earthing, lightning and matching to the required impedance;
  4. Experiences using antennas, in particular, successes and failures.

The antenna is one of the fundamental components of any radio system and can be a limiting factor in overall performance; this is an opportunity to share knowledge and discover more about this fascinating device which converts an RF signal to an electromagnetic wave and vice versa.

We will aim to organise the projector and screen; however, if anyone wishes to use this will you please bring your own PC to connect to it. We have cables for VGA and HDMI.

Photo: 2m beam and 2m/70cm colinear, from RSGB Website