Dorking & District Radio Society

Tuesday 23rd April - Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analysers

Bob Burns, G3OOU

Any form of serious electronic development requires access to test equipment to be able to measure the performance of both individual modules and the completed product. Over the last few years I have been updating my collection of test equipment in order to have more confidence in the measurements that I need to make.

I plan to show an overview of the functional structure of an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyser, describe their operation and demonstrate some simple but useful measurements. Test equipment on display will include:

  • An analog HP1741A oscilloscope, a Rigol DS1102E digital oscilloscope and scope probes, both capable of measurements up to 100MHz, and a simple signal source to demonstrate how measurements are made.
  • A Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyser with tracking generator, a 100W dummy load, Bird through-line power meter with sample output, Racal 500MHz ovened frequency counter and a Type 193 crystal activity tester.

I plan to show how this equipment is used to make a limited range of RF measurements. If club members have a signal generator or other signal source, HF/VHF transmitter (100W max), receive converter or similar that they would like measured for spurious outputs or some fundamental mode crystals for general activity and frequency testing please bring them along with any required power supply and leads to the meeting.