Dorking & District Radio Society

Recent Meetings and Events

Club Social

26 July 2022

An enjoyable evening with Fish and Chips and pudding, kindly hosted by Susan and Tom Ellinor. We also welcomed visitors from other clubs.

Outdoor Activity

28 June 2022

An evening operating from Ranmore Common.


24 May 2022

Mike, G8AVZ, introduced us to the sort of electromagnetic integration design principles that are common to naval ships where, unlike amateur radio, simultaneous operation of multiple sensors is the normal environment. He showed examples of how location priorities are determined and what sort of compromises have to be made to mitigate mutual interference. Mike also gave examples of how the very real dangers of EMF are mitigated, which illustrate his amazement that the recent alterations to our licence conditions have emerged so late for amateur radio.

Old Ham Radio Gear

26 April 2022

Steve Shorey presented a historical review of amateur radio equipment on the market from the earliest times, through to the establishment of the main current brands. The talk was illustrated with many photos of equipment, showing the rise and demise of several brands which are no longer available.

EMF Calculations

22 February 2022

We watched then discussed a recording of a presentation given to Sutton club about the electomagnetic field strength and radiation intensity calculations required to conform with our licences. The spreadsheet which the RSGB had produced to facilitate this was explained in detail, along with the advice which Ofcom has produced to ensure that the general public is not unduly exposed by our activities.