Dorking & District Radio Society

Recent Meetings and Events

EGM and Antennas presentation

23 January 2024

After club members had reviewed and voted on some proposed changes to the club's constitution, Bob Burns gave a presentation on antennas, covering different designs, matching, earthing and local EMF considerations.

Early History of the BBC

27th February 2024

In this Zoom-based meeting, Elizabeth Bruton gave an illustrated talk on how the British Broadcasting Company (forerunning to the modern Corporation) was formed from early experiments by amateurs, its original vision and purpose. It included many examples of early radio receivers, and later television sets.

Ashdown Forest Repeaters

26th March 2024

At our first in-person meeting of the year, Paul Phillips G7KBR and Richard Hadfield G4ANN gave a presentation on their work to set up 2 VHF repeaters at St Leonard's church, Turners Hill, West Sussex. The hand-built GB7MH (70cm digital) and GB3MH (2m analogue) repeater equipment is in the church tower, and the antennas are concealed inside the hollow flag pole to give good elevation and coverage area, which extends as far as Dorking.

RF Test Equipment

23rd April 2024

Bob Burns G3OOU brought a collection different oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers and gave a presentation about how they worked and some advice on their use. Bob also brought an antenna to analyse local RF levels, some sample filter circuits to demonstrate their operation, and some electronic components to show their RF limitations and resonances.